capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd. – Basingstoke, England

capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd. started-out specialising in deep drilling and honing of complexe products. At the same time we made ourselves known for producing cylinder liners and processing

of engine blocks for the Formula 1 in international motor sport. By the end of the 90s we expanded our expertise into another core area: the production of high-tech forged pistons.

The rapid development of the company led to the installation of a nickel-ceramic-coating plant for cylinder liners and blocks shortly after.


Hungry for success

Success makes you want more. Our employees’ constant urge for innovation is one of the main reasons for the company’s long-term success. It is our will to improve current products and continuously question and re-think processes that have made capricorn AUTOMOTIVE what it is today. To feed this continuous development with fresh inspiration we started a long-term and fruitful partnership with Loughborough University.

Today capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd. specialises in a series of high-end engine components for the motor sport industry as well as for various OEM segments in particular.

Our core competence is forging pistons and cylinder liners – highly revered by the motor sports industry. That’s why capricorn AUTOMOTIVE produces small series of wet and dry cylinder liners for OEMs and the motor sports industry.

Right from the start our team of engineers involves the client in the analysis of the exact requirements to find the best possible solution. Compliance to exact tolerances is guaranteed in the process by our state-of-the-art manufacture. Moreover, it underlines our status as “the supplier” of high performance cylinder liners.

capricorn’s in-house nickel-ceramic-coating-unit with automatised process control, further guarantees high quality regarding bore coating as well as adhesion. The extent of our expert knowledge regarding the honing of this material results in an extraordinary highperformance product that meets the high demands of OEM and the motor sports industry at all times.

We consider it our job to always offer the best possible solution. Our wide range of experience – especially in regards to structural, thermal and tribodynamic characteristics during construction – supports and allows us to realise this philosophy. It’s the only way to further improve our solutions, even with complex problems in research and development.

Innovation needs impulse. That’s why capricorn AUTOMOTIVE in England cultivates a longterm and trustful partnership with Loughborough University. This relationship has already provided fundamental insights into the last remaining sector for significant performance enhancement – origin of friction loss inside cylinders. capricorn clients like yourself can directly benefit from these valuable insights.

Our services

  • Production of wet and dry nickel-ceramic coated liners
  • Galvanic coating
  • High precision forging
  • Precision high-end forging and pistons
  • Processing of crankcase for parent-metal coating or cylinder liner conversion
  • Complete PPAP process documentation
  • automatic storage of processes and quality data during forging and heat treatment operations
  • Manufacturing capability for key components in mid-sized batches
  • CMM component measuring machines, as well as other specialist
  • measuring equipment for form
  • surface finish an other special geometry
  • Incometer measuring equipment for the assessment of bore geometry and deformation
  • Metallurgical research and reporting

Processing of crankcase

  • Examination of deformation behaviour of bore geometry due to thermal and mechanical influence
  • Honing of liners at increased temperature with torque plates
  • Retro-fitting of nickel ceramic liners into crankcases
  • Direct coating of aluminum blocks and finish honing