capricorn FONDERIA Srl – Modena, Italien

30 years of experience – this motto is valid for capricorn FONDERIA Srl. in Modena, Italy. The specialists in aluminum sand casting and the production of engine, gearbox and vehicle components

supply the biggest and most famous sports car manufacturers as well as their motor sport divisions. But since we don’t like to rest on our laurels, the company has continued to explore new market segments

and now supplies machine and engine parts for ship’s engines, motorcycles and machines to internationally acclaimed OEM companies.

Perfection cast from a single mould

capricorn FONDERIA is specialised in producing and developing pre-series castings as well as components for small and medium-sized serial productions. What all these components have in common is the highest possible sand casting quality, which is required. Thanks to the FONDERIA’s impressive expertise, we are not only able to produce machine parts, wheel hubs, drum brakes and crankcases for motor vehicles and motorcycles but also machine parts to meet industrial demand like valves, rotors and other castings made to stand the highest pressure requirements.

Word of our quality has spread fast because capricorn FONDERIA has long since enjoyed a good reputation amongst engine and development companies, producing high-quality components for those covering the full range of 1 to 12 cylinder engines. But even when it comes to this, we are refusing to rest on our laurels and are constantly driving forward the research of new production technologies in the casting sector.

Additionally we recently started cooperating with the Technical University of Modena in the development of an innovative vacuum sand casting technology. The sand casting technology used by us allows for maximum casting flexibility in terms of production figures and product weight. At the same time the weight of the single components may vary between 50 g to 80 kg.