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From the racetrack into your vehicle! 

With our PERFORMANCE PARTS we transfer products, services and technologies from professional motorsport to private customers. Our quality requirements remain the same. capricorn PERFORMANCE PARTS impress with above-average performance. More performance with increased stability.

For manufacturing we use the processes, production facilities and quality tests as for the professional motorsport. You benefit from our decades-long know-how and state-of-the-art product and manufacturing technologies. Our close cooperation with established brands such as Cargraphic, 9ff or Litchfield Motors (UK) is an expression of our quality and contributes to the continuous further development and new product development.

Our PERFORMANCE PARTS product range for historic and current Porsche 911- models includes forged pistons & cylinder sets, titanium connecting rods, piston rings, gaskets, cooling optimized water jackets, various CNC machining for crankcase and water jacket as well as repair solutions for ALUSIL® crankcase.

Individual products and prototypes are also available on request, if desired with exclusive availability.

capricorn PERFORMANCE PARTS Catalogue



capricorn Porsche Carrera Engine

Carrera – this term is as much part of the Porsche vocabulary as is “Turbo” or “911”. lt roots in a race win of a Porsche 550 Spyder at the legendary Carrera Panamericana in Mexico in 1954. The racing engine they used was unique: termed “Carrera motor”, it became part of automobile history.

The remarkably powerful engine with four camshafts, constructed by Dr. Ernst Fuhrmann, was used successfully in a row of famous Porsche racing cars, from the 356 Carrera to the 550 and 718 Spyder to the 904 Carrera GTS.

capricorn WORKS produces and manufactures the 4 cylinder Carrera engine of types 547 and 587. For this purpose the Know-How of all divisions of capricorn GROUP is being exploited to ensure manufacturing from a single source. This product is determined by the expertise of decades, but also by an incomparable passion for these cars. Herewith capricorn WORKS does not only ensure an unrivalled vertical integration but also the compliance of continuously high quality standards. 

capricorn Porsche Carrera Engine