capricorn AUTOMOTIVE GmbH – Mönchengladbach, Deutschland

Located only a few kilometres away from our headquarters in Düsseldorf is capricorn AUTOMOTIVE’s Mönchengladbach site. It’s home to ultra-modern machinery for component production, test rigs and quality control. Our spectrum on site ranges from design and production to the layout of all mechanical engine,

chassis and vehicle components. Only as a result of this specialisation is it possible for our Mönchengladbach site to carry out projects in the fields of prototype design, pre-series production as well as limited editions

for the OEM automotive and motor sport industries. Being certified according to ISO 9001/2008 is a reflection of the quality of our work.

Passion for precision

Some might say we are obsessed with details, but our enthusiasm for performance and precision as well as our confidence when dealing with technology and materials are essential prerequisites for our success in motor sports and the development of modern serial engines.

It’s all in the mix: high-quality materials like titanium or other lightweight construction materials combined with our extensive expertise. This results, for example, in our high-quality con-rods, manufactured from our own forging blanks – whether constructed according to our client’s specifications or our own design.

It is our many years of experience that help us to carry out the small series production of engine parts according to the highest technical demands. Of course we construct in all current 2D and 3D programmes and formats.

All parts are manufactured in small tolerances and with high reproducibility and dimensional accuracy, even in small quantities. Weight optimisation, mass allocation and no-friction assembly using certified high-performance fixings are carried out from one source. Keeping lead and processing times as low as possible enables us to guarantee the fastest possible delivery.

Passion down to the smallest detail.

Our Services


  • Design according to specifications
  • design of our own products
  • 3D CAD/CAM Software Tebis and Solid Works


  • Con-Rod
  • engine components
  • CNC-machining
  • 3-axis and 5-axis CNC-machining centres
  • vertical eroding machines
  • aser engraving
  • machines
  • honing machines
  • grinding machines

Quality management

  • CMM
  • hardness test
  • profile and roughness measurement
  • 100% process monitoring and documentation

Logistics according to OEM specification

  • Delivery documents are standardised according to VDA