Below you will find information about our company, services and products.

Company Brochure

The capricorn company brochure gives an overview on all divisions and their specific service and product portfolio.


Our current PERFORMANCE PARTS product range for historic and current Porsche 911- models.

capricorn PORSCHE CARRERA Engine

The capricorn Porsche Carrera Engine for the 4-cylinder Carrera engines of the types 547 and 587.

capricorn Piston Installation Guide (PIG)

The PIG contains recommendations and specifications for the proper assembly of the capricorn PERFORMANCE PARTS.

capricorn/ Loughborough University Ausarbeitung

In cooperation with the Loughborough University Institutional Repository we developed a paper on the “Asperity level tribological investigation of automotive bore material and coatings”.

capricorn Code Of Conduct

capricorn Enviromental Code

capricorn Quality Code