capricorn COMPOSITE
– Meuspath, Germany

capricorn COMPOSITE are not only experts for the development and production of fibre composite components, but also use high-quality prepreg-autoclave technology to produce serial and prototype parts for the automotive industry, motor sports, medical engineering and aviation.

capricorn COMPOSITE is a full-service provider. From engineering to logistics, all production stages of the parts are carried out here. And what makes this so special is that everything is produced in-house, enabling unrivalled production depth.

Many years of experience and the passion of our specialists ensure the ideal functional integration of our components, high performance, consistent standards as well as efficient system costs. Of course the COMPOSITE production is state-of-the-art – like everything at capricorn.

The future is light

The future has already started at capricorn: after all, we have been trusting in lightweight construction as an elementary part of motor sport and serial automotive production for many years now. And the connection between future consumer wishes and the necessary weight reductions is proving that we are heading in the right direction. And lightness and extreme stability speak for themselves.

Only by further developing new and current production mechanisms enables us to manufacture a significantly higher volume of parts, both in quality and quantity. As developers we are absolutely convinced of this.

Based on the foundations of this belief, we constantly invest in developing and extending our COMPOSITE production site.