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Pistons: Service


capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd.
– Basingstoke, England

capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd. started-out specialising in deep drilling and honing of complexe products. At the same time we made ourselves known for producing cylinder liners and processing

of engine blocks for the Formula 1 in international motor sport. By the end of the 90s we expanded our expertise into another core area: the production of high-tech forged pistons.

The rapid development of the company led to the installation of a nickel-ceramic-coating plant for cylinder liners and blocks shortly after.

Hungry for success

Success makes you want more. Our employees’ constant urge for innovation is one of the main reasons for the company’s long-term success. It is our will to improve current products and continuously question and re-think processes that have made capricorn AUTOMOTIVE what it is today. To feed this continuous development with fresh inspiration we started a long-term and fruitful partnership with Loughborough University.

Today capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd. specialises in a series of high-end engine components for the motor sport industry as well as for various OEM segments in particular.