NEWS // The Carrera engine is back again

The Carrera engine is back again!

capricorn has unveiled the rebirth of one of the most fabulous engine designs of the last century. The Carrera engine, which drives legendary cars such as the 550 Spyder, 356 Carrera and 904 GTS, is now available again!

See below the technical details for the 2.0 liter engine fit and proper for 356 Carrera and 904 GTS.

capricorn 587 2,0 C4

capricorn AUTOMOTIVE GmbH has been dealing intensively with the products of Porsche AG for over 25 years. Our specialization resides from the very beginning in the repair, maintenance and optimization of Carrera engines for historical road races and circuit races. Our offer related to spare parts has constantly been extended in order to enable the preservation and repair of spare parts and also due to the shortage of the four-cylinder engines: 547, 692 und 587. Defective cylinder heads or lack of Hirth-crankshafts could mean the end to restoration in case of engine repairs – today with the help of capricorn components, the engine can be successfully assembled.
And in case, you are in need of the complete engine for your 356 or 904, we would be glad to offer you a perfect substitute.

Good to know: Regardless of everything, the quality of our parts remains the same.

If cylinder blocks, pistons, crankshafts or con rods – it is valid for the new 587 by capricorn, for the OEM and also for the top Motorsport Teams worldwide: All our parts are produced under the same quality conditions moreover in identical production plants.
Our product range is prevalent not only with regard to assembled engines or Hirth-crankshaft for historical vehicles, but is continued by our
If a cylinder head for 1500 Carrera type 547 or a
PORSCHE PERFORMANCE PACKAGE 4,3l for type 997 is required – both are available at capricorn.


Roland Kuhlmann